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How to take our measurements accurately?

If you are serious about skiing, you probably know how important it is to have an apparel which is as comfortable as possible to provide the needed freedom of movement. Well, we also know it and this is why our apparel is custom made. How to get the right size? See in the video below:


For over 30 years, DIEL Sport has stayed at the cutting edge of snowsports apparel technology and has powered thousands of athletes and dozens of Olympic champions. Today DIEL Sport proudly stands among today’s best winter wear brands.

DIEL Sport was built by ski racing professionals with the conviction that it is possible to combine high performance and style. We provide snow lovers with exquisite winter outfits that are stylish and technologically advanced with smart fabrics that respond to changes in your body’s microclimate. Our unique 3-dimensional tailoring system and all-component stretch technology create elegant silhouettes that flow with your movements and help you feel free outdoors.

DIEL SPORT is designed and manufactured entirely in the European Union, under strict quality management, in our own dedi­cated ISO-certified factory. Our manufacturing process utilizes the absolute best technology innovations. We are committed to labor ethics, social and environmental responsibility and stay true to the principles of sustainable manufacturing.


Once you have entered your preferred X-RAY jacket sizes, you need to click on the "BUY" button. This will be signaled by the "Cart" in the upper right corner of the screen. After clicking on "BUY", the order itself will be displayed in front of you. As a next step after checking the products, you need to click on the "PAYMENT" button, fill in the required delivery details and payment method and complete the order.

At any time you can see all the products you have ordered and want to buy. With one click on the "Cart" on the right side of the site you can open the page where all the products ready to order are displayed. You can also easily delete products or increase their number.

Payment on delivery, also known as "Cash on delivery". The value of the order and delivery fees are paid when the shipment is delivered by the courier.

Bank transfer.

To facilitate this process, we have created a video for you, which gradually describes the procedure and shows you in detail how to take your own precise measurements.

You can get additional information about us and our products on our official website: www.dielsport.us


The high quality materials in our equipment provide ergonomics for the highest performance - strong waterproof / breathable and UV resistant fabrics of the highest class.

Four-way elastic fabric with polyurethane membrane

Four-way super durable elastic fabric with polyurethane membrane


The technologies we use rely on the ergonomics, strength and reliability of the equipment. And while comfort and protection are some of our most importa

3D Garment cut tehcnology

Polyurethane coverage of the stitched seams

Recco® radar reflectors in case of an avalanche


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